So first things first we invested time in creating a fully detailed document.  We spoke to all departments and took the time to understand what was working, what was missing, what was broken and what was confused.  If you want to do a good job you need to start with as much clarity as possible. 

Gloucester Cathedral’s Chapter Steward, Emily says “Solutions 4 IT audited our entire site, looked at how we could make changes that not only improved the way we work and made the systems more secure , but also showed us financial savings long term.  They also took care to meet all the heritage requirements of our buildings ensuring the visual impact was minimised.  Solutions 4 IT take ownership for all our IT, they talk to the EPOS Company, gate access, film production crews, environmental monitoring, the lot.  Every time we hit a challenge they listen to our issues, get their heads together and come up with a plan; they are our IT department.”

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